Timecard Improvement Storyboards

In 2017, we engaged clerks, crew members, shop heads, and managers to give us their thoughts about what timecard improvement means for Building Operations. From that discussion, a number of feedback points and areas for concern were brought up, including the need to:

  • Make entering time onto Work Orders easy
  • Make clocking in and out for the day simple
  • Make sure the solution overall is simple and easy to use

The above issues speak to the problems we encounter when using our paper timecard process. We all agree: it’s time for a change.

To help visualize the kinds of changes we aim to achieve with the Timecard Improvement Project, we’ve created a set of storyboards, which explains:

  • The issues and concerns staff have identified with our current timecard process – what we want to change and how;
  • How we can benefit from improving timecards; and;
  • The next steps – how we can get to where we are to where we need to be.


Click the image below to review these boards and learn more about the Timecard Improvement Project.