Timecard Improvement News

September 2018 Update: UBC IT to lend their support to Building Operations after positively reacting to our Timecard Improvement Project

In August, after a review of our project and through initial discussions with us at Building Operations, UBC IT saw how important it is for UBC departments – not just ours – to have improved timekeeping abilities. They were also excited by the possible wins other departments on campus could achieve by using the computerized solution to paper timecards we selected. They also saw the need to support us in our project to make sure it’s a success.

Because of this, UBC IT is looking to assist us with the Timecard Improvement Project by:

  • Providing technical resources to help us integrate our solution with key IT infrastructure, like CWL for logging in, and PeopleSoft Work Orders.
  • Making sure our solution can integrate with IT’s own projects currently in development.

What does this mean for us? IT has asked us to allow them 3 months to work on scoping out what work they need to do in order to help us provide the best solution to our current paper timecard issues. Because of this, we’ll be putting development of the solution on hold while we wait for IT to complete their work.

In late Q4 2017/early 2018, we’ll be re-launching the project with our partners in IT and start planning implementation.