Timecard Improvement Project

Here at Building Operations, we have the mandate of creating the best possible environment for learning and research in the safest, simplest, most sustainable, and efficient manner. In order to deliver on this directive, administration systems for Building Operations also need to be efficient, simple, and sustainable. One area that needs improvement is in our current timecard processes.

A part of the EAOS program, the goal of the Timecard Improvement Project is to identify, develop, and implement a computerized timekeeping solution that meets our needs.

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Timecard Improvement News

The most up-to-date developments of the Timecard Improvement Project.

Timecard Improvement Project FAQ

The Timecard Improvement Project's most frequently asked questions.

Timecard Improvement Storyboards

View the storyboards that tell the story of our road to improving timecards, including what our key issues are, the potential benefits, and how you can get involved.