E-procurement (e-Pro) training

E-Procurement (e-Pro) is an Oracle PeopleSoft module that assists you in purchasing goods and services using your web browser—providing an online solution that is fast, and easy.

E-Pro has a web-shopping interface—find the item, add it to your shopping cart, review the price and quantity, and then submit the purchase to be processed. E-Pro is simple to use and ensures rapid deployment and adoption. Since catalogues can be developed, pre-selected items can guide buying choices. There is a “Special Request” feature that puts purchasing in control of non-catalogue requests. With an approval and accounting processes in the background, e-Pro ensures compliance with UBC procurement standards. It also lowers transaction costs due to the automation of purchasing processes.

Training for e-Pro is self-driven by watching a series of training videos.

If you have further questions about e-Procurement contact Janice Weigel (phone 604.822.4170).