Participant expectations

Every person in a supervisory role is expected to fully participate in this program.

On the day of training

  • Keep to your scheduled session in your calendar and show up. If something extraordinary is preventing you from attending contact to reschedule.
  • Plan for coverage. It is expected that you will have phones and radios off and be able to actively participate in the conversations and actives included in the course sessions.
  • Get the most out of the session. These skills will help you just as much outside of the so make your time count.

For the month following the training

  • Continue to practise the skills you learned. Remember we all learned them at the same time so it’s okay to try and not get it quite right – we are all here to help.
  • Provide immediate feedback to others on what you see them doing well and what they can improve (and remember to use your new skills to deliver that feedback constructively and honestly).
  • Make time in your 1:1 meetings to discuss progress and challenges with the new skills. Talk through real examples and learn together.
  • Seek out a UBC coach to develop your skills and work on specific issues in a confidential setting

At the end of the program year

  • Reflect on what you have accomplished and identify with your supervisor areas that could use refresher training.
  • Continue to practice and model the right kinds of communication skills.
  • Identify staff that could benefit some of the training either because they are an up and comer looking for future promotions to a supervisory position or because their skills could use some improvement.
  • Provide your feedback on required actions to sustain the new skills.
  • Provide your feedback on the effectiveness of the program.