Leadership Program FAQ

We all have questions. This is a collection of some of the questions we hear all the time to help you get quickly up to speed. Click on any question below and the answer will appear directly below it. Have a question you don’t see answered below? Contact the Managing Director at managingdirector.buildingops@ubc.ca.

How are we supposed to prioritize this when we are busy with our work?

There are three reasons for supporting this skill development:

  1. It will help you connect with your team and get the most out of them – which will help us get our work done
  2. It will help you resolve interpersonal issues which can lead to stress and job dissatisfaction.
  3. It will help you in your life outside of UBC. Past testimonials have clearly indicated the biggest fans of this programs are people’s spouses and closest friends.

I am already really good at communicating so why do I have to do this?

We are going to learn the theory and practise the skills together so that we can support one another.

I am scared of being seen as bad at this in front of my peers, how will this be a safe for me?

The consultant team has a lot of experience teaching these subjects in an operations settings and recognize there will be a wide range of skills in terms of effective communications. They understand the teaching style needs to be more hands on, direct and action oriented. We will ensure that the sessions are geared to work for us and will produce tangible benefits for all participants.

This isn’t in my job description so why are you requiring me to be a leader?

All of the participants in this program supervise people and with that comes great responsibility and great opportunity. We want to build your skills so that it is easier for you to work with your team and provide rewarding work for them through clear, consistent and direct communication.

What about all the items we brainstormed in the sessions. When will we deal with those issues?

There were dozens of issues and ideas that were identified in the heads and manager sessions. Some of these topics will be well addressed through this program and some are not connected… But that doesn’t mean they aren’t important so they are attached so we don’t lose track of them.

How can staff sign up?

There will be notices and sign-up opportunity for staff to attend some of the sessions. As a supervisor consider which staff on your team might benefit from the training (as career development or to support growth of skills) and recommend they attend.

What happens if I am still not very skilled at this at the end of the program?

Everybody learns at their own pace and for some these will be new skills and new skills take time. We are investing in a change of culture and we are committed to training and supporting people through this program and into the future.