Leadership program

OUR INTENTION:  We believe that leadership is an incredibly valuable talent and not one that comes naturally to anyone. So we will teach, support, model, reinforce and celebrate the skills that create great leaders. And when we are done this program we will have a cohesive group of managers and supervisors who better understand and demonstrate the skills that help bring out our best.

We want to develop people who:

  1. Communicate effectively and ask for input frequently
  2. Have the skills and awareness to identify the impact of their behavior and manage difficult situations
  3. Build Teams and work across department to break down silos
  4. Clearly identify strategic direction, priorities and connect them to day to day work
  5. Provide clear expectations and hold people accountable to those expectations
  6. Follow through and deliver results
  7. Provide valuable feedback that supports development and growth
  8. Coach and mentor employees with an eye to succession planning
  9. Lead in a way that is consistent with UBC’s policies and procedures

With all supervisors in department taking this program we believe we can provide the individuals with real and meaningful skill development that will help them become leaders that will benefit the entire department.

With all supervisors in department taking this program at the same time we believe we can create a safe and effective environment for individuals to learn and adapt these new skills quickly.

Program approach

The Leadership Development Program is built on a philosophy that if we all improved our skills around communicating what we mean in a way that is well received by the audience and we can adapt to situations and have better awareness of our influence and style then we will create a department that will function better.

The program involves a series of learning sessions which will build skills in the areas of personal communication and self and situational awareness, and then combines these to help individuals apply these new skills in a workplace settings.

We know that coursework alone does not create proficiency, and isolated learning does not create departmental change and so the approach is to take all 120 supervisors and managers through the program at the same time so that we can learn together, support each other and reinforce our new skills through joint accountability.

The Program is further reinforced through opportunities for team builders, individual coaching, check-ins and refreshers courses. This will ensure we get the most out of invested effort.

Upcoming Sessions