Submit a service request online

Managing and communicating Building Operations’ work

The Building Operations team manages service requests through PeopleSoft Financial Management Information System (FMS). This customer focused self-serve ticket system tracks status and channels communication through the requests you enter.

Submit your service request online here.

Who can place a service request?

Faculty and staff, including building administrators, can submit service requests to Building Operations via PeopleSoft FMS. Access is granted through your CWL account. Learn about how to get access here.

For building-related emergencies, such as floods, large leaks and blackouts, anyone can call the Building Operations Service Centre at 604.822.2173.

The online system is easy to use — training is offered via short video clips.

 Training Video Clips


Video Content Video Duration


Logging In and Out of PeopleSoft 3 minutes


Navigation and Creating Short Cuts 3 minutes


Reviewing Your Service Request In box 3 minutes


Creating a Customer Funded Service Request 6 minutes


Creating a Maintenance Service Request 3 minutes


Approving an Estimate and Closing or Re-opening a Service Request 6 minutes

 Total Video Duration

 24 minutes