Access to PeopleSoft

The Building Operations team manages service requests through PeopleSoft Financial Management Information System (FMS). This customer focused self-serve ticket systems tracks status and channels communication through the requests you enter.

How to access PeopleSoft FMS

To submit a service request online, you will need Maintenance Manager access in PeopleSoft FMS. It’s not enough to simply have a CWL account.

  1. Visit the UBC Finance forms library. Search for and download the FMS Live Access Request form. See our tips below for filling out the form. Once your access has been granted an email will be sent to you. Note it takes a minimum of 7 working days from the request date to complete. If you require assistance please contact PeopleSoft Support.
  2. If you will be using PeopleSoft to enter customer funded requests, please ensure that the signing authority for your speed chart is up to date. To action this please refer to the UBC Finance website.
  3. Once you have access, you will be able to enter a service request in PeopleSoft. If you need assistance, view the related training videos.

Tips on filling out the FMS Live Access Request Form

  • Fill in all of the highlighted fields with your information
  • If you do not know your Dept Code (Alpha), please leave this section blank
  • In the field labelled “Access Roles Requested”, please type “Access required for Self-Serve Service Requests”
  • Print the filled out form by clicking the “Print Form” button in the top-right corner of the form
  • Print and sign your name in the “Requestor Signature and Authorization” section
  • Have your Faculty/Department Manager print and sign their name in the “Faculty or Department Authorization” section
  • Send the completed form via PeopleSoft Support for processing