Waste pick-up

Garbage, recycling, and compost pick-up

UBC Waste Management offers a variety of waste pick-up services:

  • Garbage pick-up: Our garbage truck and crew keep the campus clean by emptying dumpsters and garbage cans, and picking up litter to maintain the integrity of our campus landscapes.
  • Compost pick-up: Our compost crew collects filled green bins containing organic wastes and takes it to our In-Vessel Composting Facility at UBC’s South Campus. See Composting to find out more.
  • Paper recycling pick-up: Our recycling crew empties the blue bins from each building, and collects cardboard at loading bays.
  • Cans and bottles recycling pick-up: Our recycling crew empties gray bins from each building.
  • Residences recycling pick-up: Recycling depots are provided at all campus residences.
  • Styrofoam and soft plastics pick-up: Our recycling crew collects this stream of recyclable material from designated locations on Campus. See Styrofoam and Soft Plastics Recycling to find out more.

For a comprehensive sorting guide please see the What Goes Where page on the UBC Sustainability website.

Where does collected waste go?

Collected garbage and non-recyclable wastes go to the Vancouver Transfer Station. Everything else that can be reused or recycled is sent to specific companies around the Lower Mainland that specialize in recovery of the materials.

Cans, bottles, cardboard, paper, plastic products are sent to Metro Materials for transformation into recycled commodities which companies may then bid on to create recycled products. Clean wood and mattresses are sent to Urban Wood Waste Recyclers Ltd. (604.327.5052) and fluorescent bulbs are sent to Nu-life Industries Inc. for recycling.