Waste management

Providing complete waste management services for UBC

UBC Waste Management provides both waste management services and waste reduction education to the UBC campus community through the coordination of recycling, composting, e-waste, and litter reduction initiatives.

Our department services special events on campus, runs educational workshops, helps to coordinate the redistribution of surplus office materials, and provides other important waste services such as paper shredding, compost consulting and special items recycling.

Through our waste reduction campaigns and through collaboration with other departments on campus, UBC Waste Management plays an important role in helping to make UBC a sustainable and healthy community.

Not only does Waste Management coordinate the composting and recycling programs on campus, but we also offer a variety of waste management services, from confidential shredding to workshops and presentations.

We are here to offer the campus community a full complement of waste management and recycling information and services.


UBC Waste Management’s mission is to initiate, coordinate and promote both waste and litter reduction through reuse, recycling and composting activities at the University of British Columbia. We orchestrate campus recycling activities and provide education and information on waste reduction to the campus community.


Education for waste reduction at UBC began in 1991, on account of increasing public concern over the long term environmental effects of solid waste disposal and resource over-consumption. UBC Waste Management tackles complex issues of lifestyle change and environmental responsibility. Our mandate reinforces our leadership role in innovative waste management across the province and throughout North America.