Streets and Operations Support

Keeping the campus looking good

Hard landscape maintenance services

The Streets and Operations Support unit maintains and repairs pathways and road surfaces and installs benches, litter bins, and campus signs.

In the event of snowfall, the Streets and Operations Support unit is responsible for coordinating of snow removal activities on campus roads and walkways.

Throughout the year, we also complete numerous power-washing and drainage projects.

The Support division also provides labour support to various other UBC trades, including concrete work, coring and cutting, forklift and HIAB truck work, mechanical room clean ups, and scaffolding erection.

We perform building perimeter maintenance services such as:

  • power washing
  • graffiti removal
  • roof and gutter cleaning
  • clearing building vent debris
  • litter pick up

We also work closely with UBC Waste Management to aid in campus waste reduction efforts. We help collect organic wastes for the UBC In-Vessel Composting Facility as well as confidential shredding and e-waste for recycling off-campus.

Moving services

The Support division also provides moving services for university property within and between all buildings on campus. We are responsible for the packaging and delivery of furniture, office and laboratory equipment, as well as the delivery of construction material.

The purpose of this checklist is to help you plan and for us to provide you with a successful and seamless move. For scheduling purposes please submit your request at least 10 days before your move date.

Prior to your move

  1. Determine the scope/size of the move. Determine what is being moved, discarded and will stay.
  2. Plan the move to occur between the hours of 7:00 – 3:30, Mon – Fri.
  3. Submit a Service Request (your department administrator can assist with this) with move details, date, time and Building/room numbers.
  4. If cabinetry and or furniture that is fixed to a wall needs moving, zone Carpenter may need to be arranged. Please have that noted when placing the service request.
  5. Arrange with the appropriate vendors to have copiers and special equipment moved to the new location.

One week before your move

  1. Confirm scope, start times, dates, and all details with the Labor Subhead 604-612-0522.
  2. Start packing. If moving boxes are required Building operations Stores can supply them for a minimal charge ($1.42/box)
  3. Have all items labelled appropriately.
  4. Have all electronics disconnected (movers don’t do this)
  5. If item(s) are being moved to and from a lab, lab clearance form must be filled out and items cleared of hazardous materials.

On the day of your move

  1. It is preferred to have someone from the client’s department available in person, or a contact number provided just in case of questions or concerns that may come up during the move.

After your move

  1. We welcome any feedback you would like to provide as an opportunity for us to learn and grow. Please fill out the survey to let us know how we rate.