Zone Model

Organizing the UBC Point Grey campus for better service delivery

UBC Facilities operates on a zone model for service delivery. The Point Grey campus is divided up into eight zones aligned by faculty.

Each zone has a base zone team consisting of a:

  • Plumber
  • Carpenter
  • Painter
  • Electrician
  • Controls Technician
  • Millwright
  • Utility Worker
  • Facilities Manager, who acts as the zone leader

Each zone is paired with another and within the four pairs of zones will be groups of five Mechanical Maintenance staff (20 in total). All trades In the zones will collaborate with their Facilities Manager while still maintaining their direct report to their respective shop head. See an overview of the roles and responsibilities of each trade.

Index by zones

A Campus Zone Map (PDF) is available.

Over 30,000 service requests per year

30,000 service requests go across the desks of the Trade Heads each year. Many of these service requests are for minor jobs that take less than two days worth of work. The zone teams are made up of the Trades that perform much of this work. The zone teams are dedicated to their zone and are there to look after the buildings and to look after you. They start and finish their day in the zones and each zone is paired up with another zone for reasons of coverage, safety and assistance.

Much of the work that the zone teams will be performing will be immediately clear or easy to identify. However the complexity of building systems and the work required to maintain them is not always understood by everyone. The zone staff will become familiar to the administrators over time and more familiar with the building systems.

The exchange of information and knowledge between building administrators and zone staff is one of the principles of this service delivery model.