Construction office

Through our Construction Office we provide renovation and construction services using in-house trades for projects valued up to $50,000.

All current projects and status are listed in the Construction Office Priority List.


You can initiate your request through our Online Service Request form.


A record fiscal year for the Construction Office

The 2019/2020 fiscal year has been a record year for the Construction Office. The number of trade hours worked and projects completed grew exponentially compared to the average hours worked in the last five years.

Based on calculations reported from our financial management system PeopleSoft, the Construction Office logged a record-breaking 8,969 hours of work this fiscal year. The number of hours invested in construction projects grew 47% on average compared to the average number of hours worked in the previous years. This record-breaking hours of work did not include a large project the team completed in the University Services Building (USB) for Building Operations last year.



 How did we get here?

  • Dedicated trades: We have dedicated trades for each project in the Construction office.
  • Commitment and support: We have commitment and support from Trades Heads, and their crews in each of the shops. Trades are certainly the cornerstone of our projects!
  • Standardization: We standardized internal procedures and documents, filing and reporting systems.
  • Project Package: We introduced the ‘Construction Office Project Package’, which is a document that captures in detail the scope definition and our promise to the client. The customized format for each trade informs Heads and crews in detail of the work that needs to be done. This includes risk assessments, scope per trade, graphic representation of the work (sketches, photos, etc.). The package provides reference material for the present and future (record drawings).
  • Site Supervisor Schedule: We began using a ‘Site Supervisor Schedule’ on Outlook as a communications tool to allow all Trade Heads and Managers to access the Project Package of any project in the schedule with all the information necessary to do the work (dates, times, locations, risk assessments, BOWs, etc.).
  • Weekly meetings: We scheduled weekly meetings to review the ‘Site Supervisor Schedule’ with Trade Heads for clarification of any immediate changes.
  • Priority List: We implemented a ‘Priority List’ to help us better manage over 100 projects per year including our key performance indicators (KPIs) – budget and actual durations, costs, trade hours, etc. The list provides a ranking algorithm that allows projects to be scheduled based on several criteria to maximize response times, and the good news is that it is working! The list is available to Heads, Managers, and Clients via the online portal.


The Construction Office is proud of these achievements and will continue to work closely with our UBC campus partners to maintain exceptional service and complete project requests in a timely manner.