Strategic goals

Our Purpose

At Building Operations, everything we do in our work ties into our department’s mission statement and four strategic pillars. Collectively, they guide our work, helping us make key decisions and informing where, when, and how we spend resources.

Our Mission

UBC Building Operations proactively and cost-effectively manages the operations and maintenance of all assets on campus — creating enriching and inviting inside and outside spaces. This enables the university to provide an environment that supports exceptional learning and research outcomes.

Our Four Pillars

Asset stewardship

We create the strategies for capital renewal and proactive maintenance, and share our expertise to ensure that each space on campus functions as it was intended.

We clean, operate, and care for each physical space or asset as if it were our own. And we do all of this to help the university reach its goal of sustainable, inclusive, and effective spaces at the lowest total cost of ownership.

Leadership development

We believe that leadership is not a position—it is an attitude and a skill; and we supply training and support to develop each of our team members to be leaders.

Customer service

We deliver the best value to our customers by working in a trusting partnership that anticipates their needs and finds creative solutions to emerging issues and always keeps them apprised of our priorities and progress.

Employee engagement

We value the strengths of our colleagues and support each individual to be their best by providing clear direction, appropriate tools, and open, transparent, and caring communication.