2017 APPA FMEP review

Our first step towards the APPA award for Excellence

In the summer of 2017, Building Operations committed to undertaking the first step in achieving the APPA Award for Excellence by completing APPA’s Facilities Management Evaluation Program (FMEP). The FMEP has four stages:

  1. The institution’s facilities team undertakes a self-evaluation, using criteria established by APPA.
    • In June 2017 Building Operations completed the publication: Enabling Greatness: Our Story Behind UBC Vancouver’s Buildings and Grounds [Online PDF] [Printer-friendly PDF], or or borrow a hard copy from the UBC library.
    • It serves as both the APPA self-evaluation as well as a comprehensive overview of Building Operations, its activities, current performance, and future plans.


  2. An onsite evaluation team is organized by APPA which meets with the facilities organization at the institution.
    • This was completed in late July 2017


  3. The evaluation team summarized its findings in an oral report which it provides to the facilities organization to substantiate its findings and gain clarification.

  5. A final written report from the reviewers is submitted to UBC

Through this review we hope to see Building Operations further develop and improve the wide scope of services it delivers, so UBC’s aspiration of realizing even greater success on the world stage can be achieved.