Azmina Manji

Superintendent, Custodial Services

Azmina-ManjiAs Superintendent, Custodial Services, Azmina Manji leads the University of British Columbia’s (UBC) Custodial Services business operations. Azmina ensures a safe and sustainable UBC by leading campus-wide cleaning standards are met or exceeded, using appropriate processes and safety procedures. Additionally, Azmina’s team provides external building access management and site logistics for university functions such as final exams, congregation ceremonies, and weddings.

Azmina’s values-based leadership style draws from her integrity, honesty and loyalty which make her well known for her willingness to take ownership for her words and actions. She excels at creating engaging relationships with teams that drives innovation, such as improved equipment ergonomics, the development and implementation of a no-waste floor finish system, and the transition to micro-fibre cleaning products.

Azmina attended college in Kenya and continues to be a life-long learner as a member of the Association for Higher Education Facilities (APPA) and the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA).

Azmina Immigrated to Calgary with her husband in 1982 where they started their family and raised three children. They relocated to Vancouver in 1999 where she continues to live her values by volunteering with the Aga Khan Volunteer Group.


Azmina leads the Building Operations custodial team with responsibility for: