Building Operations Leadership Team

We’re passionate about our campus. BOLT works to set the strategy and lead the teams managing the operations and maintenance of the physical assets of UBC’s Point Grey campus.

Managing Director

Greg Scott

Managing Director, Building Operations

Greg leads the strategic maintenance and operations of the campus buildings and infrastructure.

The Team

Kishani Gibbons

Senior Manager, Customer Services

Kishani leads the Customer Services unit — Facilities Managers, Service Centre, Clerical Pool, and Payroll — in their efforts to continually improve customer service by aligning Building Operations’ customer service strategy, the structure of internal and external customer service workflow, and operationalizing internal and customer communications.

Denise Pearce

Denise Pearce

Director, Trades

Denise’s team is responsible for the operation and maintenance of all core campus buildings of the UBC Vancouver campus to ensure that spaces perform properly to enable excellence in research, teaching and learning. This includes all Electrical, Mechanical and Architectural systems in over 225 buildings of varying complexity and valued at $4.8B.

Jenniffer Scheel

Jenniffer Sheel

Director, Municipal Services

Jenniffer’s business units are responsible for the health and well-being of UBC’s streets, sidewalks and public realm. Her team includes the Streets and Operations Support Group, Waste Management, the Garage, and the Soft Landscape units. These units provide clean, accessible and enjoyable space for people to move, linger and connect to nature and the campus community.

Francis Lepage

Francis Lepage

Director, Custodial Services

Francis leads UBC’s Custodial Services business operations and ensures campus-wide cleaning standards are met or exceeded and works with his teams to drive innovation such as improved equipment ergonomics.


Janice Weigel

Nikii Hoglund

Director, Asset Replacement & Improvement

Nikii’s team is responsible for handover (from construction to operations and maintenance) of new and renovated buildings on UBC Vancouver campus. Her team undertakes projects for upgrading existing spaces within UBC buildings and ensures they are audited, assessed, renewed and rebuilt to provide long-term value for faculty, staff, students, and visitors. Nikii’s team includes the Transition, Construction Office and Building Condition.