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Winter is coming and our sidewalks are nicely brined


Tool Crib Window Is Moving to Stores Starting December 4th

This is a reminder that the Tool Crib counter window is moving around the corner to Stores effective December 4th 2017. There is a dedicated desk at the Stores window. Make sure you get in the right line so you can be helped as quickly as possible. Combining the counter windows was the brainstorm of the Tool Crib/Stores staff and shows how smart improvements can be made by engaged employees.

Contact details for Tool Crib remain the same. You can reach Steve Windle or Jason Harmon at 604 822 1341 or through


Transition Team Helps Improve Design for Area East of the Nest

The transition team provided some excellent direction on the design of the new parkade and McInnis Field configuration to ensure that we can have vehicular access to the Nest generator for years to come. Without this fueling, maintenance and repair/replacement would have been incredibly difficult adding ongoing operating costs to the university and could have created electrical service disruption to the Nest. With many services and food outlets depending our a continuous power source, generator downtime is an undesirable outcome. Thanks to the entire transition team and particularly Michael Thayer for contributing to the conversation and ensuring the operational needs of the campus were well articulated.


Wear your ID Cards to be visibly recognized by all university staff, faculty and students

This is a reminder that Building Operations’ staff should be able to identify themselves through the use of their ID cards as stated in Policy I-A-10. Your ID card ensures that you are an authorized staff of Building Operations. While at work, carry your ID at all times. If somebody asks to see your ID, they are just making sure their worksite is safe and they know who is around. Wearing clothing branded with our log helps identify you, too. Look sharp and keep your personal clothes clean.


Dean of Pharmaceutical Sciences Hosted Appreciation Lunch for Building Ops Staff

The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences held their 3rd annual holiday appreciation lunch for the green/teal zone trades and custodial staff that support their spaces. The Dean of Pharmaceutical thanked the crew for the work they do to keep the building clean and operating.


Come and Decorate our Christmas Tree

BYOD! Yes, you can bring some decorations to dress up our tree. This tree was found cut and abandoned on campus so we rescued it and put it to great use in our foyer. Let’s make USB festive this season.


Quick Updates


Reminder–Exam Period Starts Tuesday, December 5 until Wednesday, December 20


NPS score increased to 79% with 2 new promoters.


LSC and Pharmaceutical Sciences Noise Window is from January 22 – February 4