Floors are waxed and ready to shine for students

The next time you walk through one of our many campus buildings (including QMI, Copp, and SPPH pictured below) you may need to keep your sunglasses on—these floors are shiny!

Every year, from May to August when the campus is less busy, Custodial polishes and waxes the floors for students and staff to enjoy when they return from summer vacation. This also helps us maintain the floors in the long run.

Do you know what needs to be done so we can have shiny floors?

  1. Furniture and equipment need to be removed off the floor
  2. Dusting needs to be done for the whole area
  3. Floor needs to be swept, vacuumed and mopped
  4. Floor needs to be stripped or scrubbed
  5. 3-5 layers of wax need to be laid and dried for 10-12 hours
  6. Floor needs to be burnished and vacuumed again

A big thank you to the Custodial team. We look forward to welcoming new and returning students, faculty and staff to campus.