New Quantum Matter Institute building recipient of improved handover process

The new Quantum Matter Institute building (QMI), which is an addition to the AMPEL Brimacombe building, is home to researchers who will use quantum mechanical concepts to develop new materials and devices.

Their work will have very cool applications for electronics, the automotive industry, the health care sector, and sustainable energy—bound to make UBC famous!

The addition was given full occupancy and turned over to Building Operations last Wednesday. All minimum requirements set out by the system owners were delivered but there are number of design and construction issues that will certainly make maintenance challenging for decades to come.

This is another example of how we have drastically improved our handover process but can still use our knowledge and experience to deliver better total cost of ownership outcomes for the University.

With projects coming on line now through design phase, we are more actively participating in the design and construction support.

Thanks to all involved in this transition and for preparing the space for new occupants.